Our mission is to extend our hands and hearts to support those needing help battling breast cancer by improving the quality of life for them and their families. Hello and Welcome to Compassionate Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach! We ae here for you. Vanessa Echols Founder P.O.BOX 141022 ORLANDO, FL 32814-1022 407-864-6458
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Compassionate Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. copyright 2011 Yet Another Rita Production Our client/friend, Eula, just began chemotherapy in May 2011. She still faces surgery and radiation. So we wanted to let her know she is not on this journey alone. She was quite surprised when eight of us showed up at her home one Saturday afternoon, with a gift basket loaded with goodies. And she was thrilled with each one, including her LADY O bracelet, a candle, gift cards for gas and groceries and some things to pamper herself. We told her she was queen for the day. It was an emotional day filled with many tears of gratitude and the best COMPASSIONATE HANDS AND HEARTS medicine, laughter! OPERATION: SAD TO GLAD OPERATION: WOW FACTOR Our client Cheryl was told one volunteer would be coming by her home with one gift card.  So imagine her surprise when 7 of us showed up loaded down with gifts.  Cheryl has Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.  She is still trying to work full time, while taking care of two daughters and a young son.  It's an overwhelming situation for them all.  Our goal was to overwhelm her with love, care, helping hands and gifts!  Besides our signature gift basket (totally blinged out) of goodies, we presented her with:  a one of a kind LADY O collection bracelet designed by volunteer Odalis Ramos, a journal, candle, gift cards for gas,  gift card from a major discount retailer and gift cards for each of the children, groceries and prepared meals.  And just when she thought that was it, we presented her with a grab bag.  Inside were cards with the name of a bill (rent, phone, utilities, etc).  Her son drew a card and the family held their breath, hoping he'd draw the rent card.  And he did!  So we paid this month's rent on the spot!  In addition to all that, we secretly added minutes to her cell phone account and left a message that said,  "Check your minutes.  Have a great weekend." Welcome to the COMPASSIONATE HANDS AND HEARTS family Cheryl and family. OPERATION: FILL ‘ER UP Our new client/friend Ruth has recently started radiation treatments. She lives and works in one county but has treatments in another. She has to travel nearly 60 miles a day for her treatments, so she asked for help with her gas bill. It's a rather small request, but we knew it was an opportunity for us to make a big difference in Ruth's life. Her surprises began the moment we arrived. We told her there would be one volunteer with one $50 gas gift card. So she was pleasantly surprised when six of us showed up at her home. Her gift basket of items to pamper herself also included a LADY O collection bracelet, designed especially for COMPASSIONATE HANDS AND HEARTS clients. But hidden in many of the items, we included what she requested, the gas gift card. She was stunned to find not one, but eight gas gift cards, totaling $400.00 !! She's also a single mom with a 10-year old son. He seemed most impressed with his gift from us, a $50 movie gift card. Welcome to the COMPASSIONATE HANDS AND HEARTS family, Ruth. We love you.